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    Sun 7:30 ClayARES 146.925(156.7)
    Sun 9pm S.GA 147.195(118.8)

    Mon 7pm WWD 28.390
    Mon 8pm WWD 146.700(127.3)

    Mon 8pm Monday night FUN Net 147.000 Georgia?

    Tue 8pm Baker county 147.090(127.3)

    Wed 6:30pm Tri-county 147.000
    Wed 7pm skywarn 146.700(127.3)
    Wed 7:30 DuvalARES 146.640(156.7)

    Wed 8pm SJC ARES 145.210(127.3)
    Wed 8:30 NassuARES 146.835(127.3)

    Sat. 7:30pm Simplex Net 146.460 w4snn

    Updates I'm aware of>>>

    Tuesday Triva Traders Net 8pm 144.225 usb>
    wed Skywarn and ARES nets have been combined into 1 net @ 7:30pm.
    Saturday 7:30pm 146.460 is the W4SN Fun Net
    If a repeater IDs and no one is on frequency to hear it, does it even make a sound?